Hi, I`m Zolie Zi, pronounced "Zo-Lee". My middle name is Nova, and my last name is Zi, pronounced "Z".

In my first book, I experienced bullying for the 1st time. These girls named Charlene and Tonya were my bullies. They bullied me every day.

My mommy let me know that it is okay to tell someone that you are being bullied like a parent or trusted adult.

Believe it or not, even bullies have fears. Bullying doesn’t get you anywhere, but in TROUBLE!

In my second book, I had to deal with a new smell. I didn’t smell my new smell but everyone else around me did.

My twin brother Zylee and my cousin Kipper were the 1st to tell me about how bad my new smell was, but I didn’t believe them.

My friend Messiah told me too.. She said that my smell made her nose hair tingle.

My mom had to explain to me what my new smell was.. I felt sad because I couldn’t smell myself.

That is why I have a hygiene chart to help me.. You can make one to help you too.. Or you can just use my chart!!

Stayed tuned for my third book titled: "A Girl with Glasses".

The Adventures of Zolie Zi:

Zolie Zi is the main character and narrator in a realistic and comical series of children’s books. Introduced as a second grader at Helping Hands Academy for Gifted and Talented Children, Zolie has many of the characteristics of childhood: respect for her parents, love of reading, love of science, and she asks a lot of questions about everything because she wants to know why? And because she is Zolie Zi and don’t you forget it!

Bully Bullies:


Zolie Zi is normally a very happy person who loves school until she has to face a very difficult problem with two of her classmates who find it fun to bully her everyday.

Bad "Bad" Hygiene:


Zolie Zi takes pride in her hygiene and is always sure to check off her daily hygiene “to-do’s” until she is faced with a new type of Hygiene that is not on the list.