I'm Zolie Zi, and these

are my two best friends,

Messiah and Yoki.

Click on our pictures to learn all about us.

Zolie Zolie

Zolie Nova Zi

Nickname: Miss Chit Chat
Name meaning: Beautiful flower full of life
Place of Birth: Prosper, Texas
Date of Birth: March 7, 2005
Height: 3'2", Weight: 65lbs
Eye Color: Hazel brown
Favorite Facial Feature: my dimples
Mother: Sandy J. Zi
Father: Zire Nasir Zi
Twin brother: Zylee Jabril Evan Zi
Sister: Sahsha Ruth Zyan Zi (5)
Brother: Sire Jaynan Zi (3)
Best friends: Messiah, Yoki, and Shati

Hobbies: reading, singing, rapping, dancing, and playing my violin
Favorite Foods: Pizza, Broccoli, Cabbage and almost all vegetables..
Favorite Drinks: Water; all kinds of juice
Favorite Colors: Purple, Green, and Pink
Favorite Subject in School: Science
Favorite saying: "I'm Zolie Zi and don't you forget it". "You got me sour like a Dill pickle". "You got me Twisted like a Pretzel".
Favorite shoes: Flip Flops, sandals and boots
Favorite Clothes: Khakis and a colorful shirt
Dislikes: Okra and Eggplant, all Scary movies, Mean people, Rude people

Messiah Messiah

Messiah Nyomi Love.

Nickname: Siah
Name meaning: Anointed, Beautiful
Date of Birth: February 9, 2005
Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas
Height: 3'1", Weight:62lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Favorite Facial Feature: Eyes
Mother: Nicole Naomi Love
Father: Justin T. Love
Sister: L'Tisha LaRae Love
Sister: Asia Nivea Love
Sister: Justice Serenity Love
Best friends: Yoki, and Zolie

Hobbies: reading, dancing, cooking with my Mother, playing my flute, and playing dolls with my 3 sisters
Favorite Foods: Lasagna, Spaghetti
Favorite Drinks: Water, all kinds of juice
Favorite Colors: Green, Purple:
Favorite Subject in School: Reading
Favorite saying: "Nu uh", "For Real"
Favorite shoes: Hi-tops shoes all day, every day
Favorite Clothes: Cool clothes with bright colors
Dislikes: Cabbage, scary movies, or mean people
Likes: Funny movie & all kids movies

Yoki Yoki

Kyoko Akira Kyeh.

Nickname: Yoki
Name meaning: Respectful child, bright/clear
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
Date of Birth: June 8, 2005
Height: 3'4", Weight: 72lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Favorite Facial Feature: Nose
Mother: Akira Ayaka Kyeh
Father: Ayo Yaw Kyeh
Brother: Benjiro Akio Kyeh
Sister: Chika Maki Kyeh
Sister: Aya Chie Kyeh
Best friends: Messiah, and Zolie

Hobbies: reading, dancing, drawing, playing my violin and drums.
Favorite Foods: Rice, Chicken, All vegetables except for Egg plant
Favorite Drinks: Water, all kinds of juice
Favorite Colors: Pink, Orange, Yellow (Bright Colors)
Favorite Subject in School: Math
Favorite saying: "Don't get me started", "Spell it!"
Favorite shoes: High-top shoes, flip flops
Favorite Clothes: Skirts with tights under them
Dislikes: Egg plant, scary movies, mean & rude people
Likes: all funny and kid movies